Chase the jaguar (US)

A unique combination of genres, melodic textures, and energetic beats.

Summary: Chase The Jaguar isn’t just another band. To them, music is something that literally runs in the family! These talented brothers have been trained by their dad as skilled classical guitarists, but they also managed to find their own diverse musical voice, utilizing many influences and ideas! Their new single, “Never Let You Down” is a treat for your senses!

“Never Let You Down” is a brand new single from up and coming group Chase The Jaguar. These talented musicians set out to join forces to create a sound that feels eclectic yet incredibly appealing. Their genre-blending songwriting explores styles as diverse as Latin, pop, rap, rock, and many more! From Astor Piazzolla to The Bee Gees and Led Zeppelin, anything goes, because Chase The Jaguar is truly one of those rare groups with a really exciting background.

More importantly, Chase The Jaguar is a band with an inspiring attitude. The group consists of brothers David and Sebastian Fox, who have been exposed to music ever since they were really young, encouraged by their father. They are actually classically trained in guitar, by their father himself, a seminal musician from Argentina. Their music is really all about connecting with the audience, showcasing an astonishing positive message. The band’s name comes from one of the main principles of the group’s band members. It’s important to go after the things that really matter to you in life. People talk so much about following your dreams, but it’s easier said than done! We can easily post a pic on Instagram with a “YOLO” hashtag, but how often do we really go through with our plan? How often do we really take a stand and dare to truly follow what really means the most to us?

Chase The Jaguar is a group of people who pledged to live by their code, and their music is certainly a great reflection of their commitment, on a personal and artistic level alike.

Recently, the Miami group set out to release an astonishing new single release titled “Never Let You Down.” As mentioned earlier, David and Sebastian Fox actually have a background in classical guitar. They’ve performed throughout Europe, and they even had the chance to share a stage with the great opera singer Pavarotti! Having said that, Chase The Jaguar has a slightly different concept, and it is a celebration of the band’s passion for catchy rock-inspired music.

This song was released under the tutelage of M.E.G. Records, a label that was born in the way of the Brothers Gibb, known for their work with the legendary 70S icons, The Bee Gees. The track is a true masterpiece, with lush vocal tones and dreamy textures, combined with infectious grooves and catchy hooks.

The best thing about this song is definitely its diverse nature. Once you think you’ve got it figured out, this track will surprise you with something else. These amazing twists and turns are exactly what makes this song special The Fox brothers are two masters, with a clear vision in their heads, and this song is a perfect example.

If you are a fan of artists the likes of Chet Faker, Empire Of The Sun, MGMT or M83, you are definitely going to appreciate the nod to big new-wave synths, with a cool retro twist. The beat is absolutely massive, with some unique grooves and really strong samples.

The vocals are also worthy of a special mention, because they are really outstanding, much like the beautiful instrumental carpet on which they stand upon. The harmonies are truly spot on, and the falsetto sounds of the vocals give the track a really one-of-a-kind attitude. One of the most amazing things about this release is definitely the fact that there is a cool balance between mellowness and energy, and all within one single song, which is a truly remarkable achievement. For example, the drum beats are punchy and energetic, so much so that you can feel them right hitting your chest, especially if you have some good speakers. By contrast, the synth tones are soothing, warming up the track with a blanket of deep sounds and atmospheric tones. The vocals are also really edgy, portraying this one balance between attitude, and soothing harmonies.

Find out more about Chase The Jaguar, and don’t miss out on “Never Let You Down” and other astonishing releases from this talented band.

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