Somewhere down the road between Moscow, Berlin and Lima, Jochen Schmalbach, Marcus Meyn and Volker Hinkel felt a desire to develop a new project apart from the band Camouflage, with whom the three have been traveling around the world for more than 15 years.

In order to be able to experiment with each other musically, the basic principle was to have no boundaries where anything could be possible and to create something everyone would enjoy. Thus, the past met both the present and the future, Deep House met Oasis, Minimalism met Bombast and Kraftwerk met the Sex Pistols. Based on many ideas, they began to create new songs. The result was a mixture of Dark Electronic and guitars, which in their diversity stretched the bow between Electronic Wave, Gothic and mainstream Pop.

Musically, melancholy prevails. The melodies are catchy and pervasive. In addition to an acoustic version, there are also three very different remixes.

What does M.I.N.E mean? The band name derives from the phonetically correct pronunciation of the singer Marcus Meyn's surname, as well as from the individual feeling of ownership each of the collaborators feels (hence 'mine').

M.I.N.E are:

Marcus Meyn (Vocals), author and singer of Camouflage.

Volker Hinkel (Guitar), author, producer and guitarist of Fools Garden, whose hit "Lemon Tree" climbed to the top of the international charts.
Jochen Schmalbach (Drums), sound engineer, author and producer of well-known artists such as Klangkarussell, Tiefschwarz, Alphaville, Die Fantastischen Vier, A-ha, Thomas D. and many more.

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