Alex Anwandter (cl)

One of the leading names of Chile's new vibrant pop scene, Alex Anwandter brings together 80's-influenced dance music and emotional songwriting all wrapped up in an engaging live performance full of raw intimacy and showmanship.

Born in Santiago, Anwandter formed in 2005 the succesful band Teleradio Donoso, where he functioned as leader, singer, composer and producer. Two critically-acclaimed and now cult records were released, Gran Santiago (2006) and Bailar y Llorar (2008), after which Anwandter disbanded the group and launched himself into a new solo career

His first full-fledged solo album was released under the moniker Odisea (2010): a much more experimental and dance-oriented record than his previous pop-rock outfit, Odisea nevertheless enchanted critics and audiences alike with its unique balance between innovative production, house beats and catchy pop singles such us "Cabros" and "Casa Latina", at the same time starting the oft-called "Prince of Chilean Pop"'s reach beyond his region into expecting North American audiences.

Following his continuous forays into directing videoclips and his labour as an innovative producer and composer for such indie-hit bands as Adrianigual, Alex Anwandter teamed up with famed chilean producer Cristián Heyne (Javiera Mena, Dënver, Gepe) and released -now under his own name- 2011's "Rebeldes": a return to classic pop songwriting, adding 80's dance beats and a newfound lyrical voice, that made its honest lovelorn themes resonate throughout spanish speaking countries and beyond. [The album’s romantic melodies, lush strings, and poignant lyrics tug at heart-strings, while crisp percussion and upbeat basslines keep the body moving]. Single's such as the heart-wrenching "Tatuaje" and the modern straight-up house number "Cómo puedes vivir contigo mismo?" only solidify the chilean's image as a unique and stylish new voice in latin pop to watch out for. 



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